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About copyright

The right regarding all contents (hereafter collectively referred to as contents) such as texts, images, illustrations, videos, music data, programs, etc. published on this website belongs to the COSMOS Project To do.

Private copying of these contents, etc. can not be used beyond the scope permitted by law.

Copying, modifying, reprinting, selling, publishing, etc. without copyright of this project, original author are prohibited copyright laws and other acts that touches the law.

About trademark

All trademarks and logo marks on this website and rights regarding trade names belong to the owner of this project or individual rights.

Unless authorized by law, it is prohibited to use without permission without proper authority.

About Disclaimer

Even if trouble, loss, or damage occurs with regard to the information to be posted on this website or by using this site, we are not responsible for anything.

This project may change or delete the composition, terms of use, URLs and contents of this website without prior notice.

We may also suspend or cancel the operation of this website. Please note.

This project may change these terms and conditions without prior notice. Please note.

About prohibited items

When using this website, the following acts are prohibited.

  1. Actions that impede the operation of this website, and acts that impede.
  2. Any other users, third parties, acts that cause inconvenience, disadvantage, or damage to this project, or acts that might be feared.
  3. Acts that infringe another user, third party, or the property, privacy etc of this project, or acts that might be feared.
  4. Acts contrary to public order and morals, or acts that fear that.
  5. Acts that violate laws, statutes or ordinances, or acts that fear that.
  6. In addition, the act judged that this project is inappropriate.

About link site

Regarding the link from this website, the linked website is managed by the responsibility of each operator, and we do not guarantee anything about its contents. Also, we will not be responsible for any troubles or damages caused by using them.

The link does not mean that the project recommends the linked website and its contents and means that it has a special relationship between this project and the linked website But it is not.

Governing law

The use of this website and the interpretation and application of this agreement shall be governed by Japanese law unless otherwise specified.